Titan outside hitter Baylee Kuschel successfully spikes the ball past the Riverhawks defense for the kill during the second set of Lane's game against Umpqua CC on Oct. 8. Tallying to six consecutive losses, the Lane Titans lost the game 0-3 to bring their conference season standings to 2-16 on the night.

A young Titans volleyball team faced off against the confident Umpqua Community College Riverhawks on Saturday night in the Titan Coliseum where the Titans hosted New Hope Christian College Monday evening.

A loss to UCC was followed by a refreshing victory against NHCC. The two games put the team record at 3-16.

VS Umpqua Community College

“Volleyball is a game of momentum and it can go up and down at any time,” Titans Head Coach Stephanie Willett said before Saturday’s game.

UCC’s game-time communication was effective and their performance matched, whereas the Titans noticeably struggled to remain focused.

The Titans lost the first set 25-15.

Set two opened with a ferocious volley from both teams resulting in a brief 3-0 lead thanks to outside hitter  Olivia Borden and setter Alli Fuller. The Titans hopes were quickly dashed as Fuller and Kayla Akiona struggled to keep the ball in bounds.

The Titans showed some progress in the second set ending at 25-18.

After the half the Titan women improved putting up multiple bouts of unanswered scores keeping the third set close until UCC grinded out the final points to win 25-22.

During the game, Eli Glass, fan and and father of number 13, Jada Glass said, “Well it’s a disappointing season. The most disappointing thing for me is there hasn’t been a lot of improvement.  I’m seeing the same kind of problems over and over. I’m not sure if it’s the rotation [or] the coaching. But there needs to be some improvement.”


With a remodeling from Saturday, the Titans won the first set 25-22, thanks to a spike from Kelsey Lane.

Throughout the match the Titans were noticeably more communicative, positive and energetic than they were Saturday much to coach Willet’s satisfaction.

However, NHCC consistently led the second set after stern words from Head Coach Anna Barton.

Borden briefly ended the Titans deficit with two spikes, until NHCC fought out multiple scores to win set two 25-23.

The back and forth continued into set three as the Titans took an early lead. LCC was up 14-7 at NHCC’s timeout.

Titans came back with a dominating ten point lead.

Baylee Kuschel scored a spike amongst the final points for LCC’s set three win of 25-11.

Between sets Willet said, “They have more energy today and, you can see they have more excitement going on. And that’s a huge thing. The momentum, I talked about Saturday  they’ve got it right now, so they’re just running on that.”

A quick set of scores and two NHCC outs put the Titans ahead by a narrow margin in the fourth set which was quickly lost in the latter half of the set.

From there the nail-biting experience of a fifth set began. NHCC aggressively scored two points to start the set. The Titan’s wrestled their way back into the lead by two points. From there a flurry of scores kept the set back and forth. Coach Barton called frustrated timeouts as the game accelerated toward its climax. The crowd was noticeably louder, and tension rose in the room leading to the Titan’s narrow 15-11 win. LCC won the match-up 3-2.

The Titans will be at home again versus Linn Benton on Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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