This week from the ASLCC meeting, big changes might be installed into the Associated Students’ weekly routine. Here is the rundown of what happened this previous Thursday:

Dean Middleton, the project coordinator of the Academic Technology Department, spoke to the student senators about the options available to broadcast their weekly meetings. An option was the studio classroom located in Building 2, Room 214 on main campus. The room however only seats 30 people and the microphone situation would not facilitate the meeting unless more equipment was implemented. Middleton also explained that “Lane TV” (Channel 23 on Comcast) could facilitate them with the Thursday, 4 p.m. time slot, but also the ability to live-stream on the internet. If we do the coverage we can also stream the signal,” Middleton said.

ALSCC President Robert Kirkpatrick presented the budget for approval after adjustments were made with Vice President Anastasia Vail and ASLCC advisor Christina Walsh. Kirkpatrick said just before the debate, “It’s just a contingency. It’s just kinda sitting there. Anything can be changed or reallocated.” Once some of the allocations were debated and real numbers from previous years were compared to this year’s spending proposals, Senator Shawn Goddard moved for a vote on changing the budget contingency. Goddard proposed that the contingency numbers should be cut in half from 14.22 to 7.1 percent of the net ASLCC revenue of $174,600 and then distribute the remainder between OSA travel, ASLCC elections and outside services. The motion passed 8-0-0.

Mindy Parks, of the Titan Fencing Club, requested $1,092 due to club membership growth this term. After her presentation on the condition of their current equipment Senator Wilgen Brown — who mentioned frequenting the fencing club’s activities recently — proposed the amount to be lowered to $592. Parks was reminded by Brown that the Council of Clubs has already awarded the Titan Fencing Club $500 recently. The motion for the full $1,092 failed at 4-3-1 with the necessity of a two-thirds approval vote. A motion after the first failing vote by Senator Imani Beasley for the adjusted amount of $591 then passed.

Walsh announced the spring commencement ceremony has been moved back to Lane main campus after over 20 years of it being at the Lane Events Center. “We’re bringing it back to this beautiful campus. We have this beautiful square. We should be celebrating student’s accomplishments right here,” Walsh said. She continued saying how the renovations on campus are almost complete, that the plaza is complete, Bristow Square is restored and ultimately these renovations give Lane a chance to showcase where the learning takes place.

Next week’s ASLCC meeting place has been moved to Building 1, Room 210 on main campus for the same time of 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday.