EUCON full of heart and soul

2nd annual Eugene Comic Con brings together the best of the west with panelists of film fame


From the actor who played Yoda to the artist behind Ducktales, nearly 2,000 people from the EUCON event Facebook page said they turned out this year for the 2nd Annual Eugene Comic Con (EUCON) to dress up as (“cosplay”) their favorite characters and chat with those that inspired them. A three day event that spanned Nov. 11 – 13 at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, this year’s EUCON highlighted actress Ruth Connell of the CW series “Supernatural,” actor Deep Roy from the newest “Star Trek” movies, and actor David Anders from the TV show “iZombie.”

While these were the star attractions, the artists were the heart of Eucon, including Emmy award winning storyboard artist Keith Tucker of “Pinky and the Brain.”

“When people come up to our booth they’re like, ‘You drew my childhood!’” Tucker said. “It seems like no matter where we go… people love it.”

That same love for the medium was expressed by Portland artist Valentine Barker. “I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember,” he said. “[I found out] it’d be difficult to make money as an artist, but it’s possible and it was a passion of mine and I just decided to follow my passion.”

If artists are the heart of a Comic Con, then the patrons are the soul. Diving, running, leaping, and stomping their way around tabling artists, many cosplayers from all types of media walked in to show off their hard work.

Judah Banke, a professional wedding DJ and MC, sported a Cloud Strife outfit that had taken him 40-50 hours to make. Gary and Caitlin Manhart, from Eureka, California, wore matching full body Mandalorian-based costumes.

These cult classics, including Indiana Jones and a couple of light-up Stormtroopers, weren’t the only costumes to catch the eye. Comic Con participant Kayla Lynn brandished a custom Ahri costume she had made for her from the massively popular League of Legends video game.

Cosplayers and artists alike voiced their opinions on the show, predominantly focusing on the costumes and what could be improved.

Concerning improvements, the consensus was that the second EUCON had more organization but could have had more features. Anthony Palmer suggested more celebrity guests and cosplay groups. “I think it would be interesting to have … maybe a few more cosplay groups. Maybe feature a few more different cosplayers. I think that would be interesting to kind of incorporate into, you know, having like this wide culture kind of exposed to the Con. I think that would be a good step forward.”

Comic Con participant Megan Little suggested that there should be more fan run panels instead of having a guest.

Though these improvements were suggested, overall the show went off without a hitch. CYA Security patrolman Norman Wood even stated that the show had gone without incident. “Been a pretty mellow show,” he said, “Everything’s been going really well.”

Volunteer Jon Dougherty, who had expressed some concerns over the coordination of volunteers, stated, “It can only get better from here.”

Though exact dates are still to be announced, the next EUCON is slated for November 2017.