Lane Community College’s “new” independent student newspaper announced its official name, The Torch, in the second edition of the first volume, on Dec. 6, 1965. Back then, The Torch was printed monthly and was put together using a process called mechanical paste-up. Today, The Torch prints weekly and creates the entire paper digitally, however, some of the content remains very similar.

The front page of this 1965 edition features headlines such as “LCC Enrollment Now Over 1,400” and “Student Government Set up for College.” At this time in Lane’s history The Torch reported that enrollment at the school was 400 students over the projected 1,000 for the term, only 350 of which were female.


This edition also showcased Lane’s first student government election, held on Nov 29. Following that election the student government constitution was voted in as well as the school mascot — The Titan — and the newspaper’s name, The Torch. This eventful time in Lane’s history also featured the arrival of closed circuit television (CCTV) to the campus and a photo of the future 30th Ave. site of Lane’s main campus, which at the time was located in temporary facilities on 200 N. Monroe street.

On Dec. 10, 1974 the front page of The Torch featured a photo of the Associated Students of Lane Community College office with the headline “Problems Plague Senate.” Apparently the Editor-in-Chief at the time received a letter expressing a dissatisfaction with the student government. The Torch responded by looking into the issue and detailing the problems expressed by student senators. This particular edition also featured articles about sexism in textbooks, the federal government airing student records and Lane no longer being considered the “last chance college.”

Throughout five decades of printing, some news still remains relevant. Whether it’s about gender equality, enrollment or student government, The Torch continues its history of publishing “stories that matter.”