First Latina Senator elected in U.S. history

Catherine Cortez Masto continues to fight for immigration reform


Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto won the senate race in the general election, becoming the first ever Latina senator elected to the nation’s highest legislative body.

Cortez Masto defeated her opponent, Republican Joe Heck, 49 percent to 44 percent.

“This isn’t my win, it’s our win,” Cortez Masto said. As supporters cheered, she continued. “The multicolored fabric of Nevada, the diversity, our strength I can see in your faces I know we are going to continue to be strong, to fight for our families, our future.”

Cortez Masto, the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant, stood firm on a platform of immigration overhaul, and influence for the next Supreme Court picks.

During the primary elections Cortez Masto partnered with the Clinton platform against Trump — her focus on the wall proposed to be erected at the border of Mexico. She also exposed her opponent, as a “flip-flop” Trump supporter, due to the votes he could gain. Dave Phillips, of The New York Times reported Heck began as being critical of Trump, then agreed with Trump during his nomination; concluding by calling on Trump to “step down.”

Cortez Masto served two consecutive terms as Nevada’s Attorney General, and has consistently fought for Nevada families, women and seniors.

According to her campaign website, as attorney general Cortez Masto rallied with law enforcement to strengthen laws regarding the methamphetamine epidemic in Las Vegas. As an advocate for Nevada seniors, Cortez Masto pursued offenders who neglected, abused or exploited seniors.

Cortez Masto will continue her focus on immigration and how it affects Nevada. She wants to improve the quality of life for immigrants in United States.

“I support comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, and undocumented people to earn citizenship. Congress needs to do its job,” Cortez Masto told Dave Phillips, of the New York Times.

President Barack Obama showed his support for Cortez Masto on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Las Vegas. The President spoke of Cortez Masto, and her rival for the U.S. Senate seat. He also commended Cortez Masto on her chief focus throughout her career as well as her consistent fight for Nevada’s residents.

Catherine Cortez Masto will represent Nevada as the first ever Latina U.S. Senator beginning January, 2017.