The most awaited Snack Shack upstairs in Building 1 opened on Monday for the first time since spring term.  The new director, Kea’Dee Needham, has taken over the overseeing of the shack and the Resource Center. “ I have every confidence she will meet the rising needs of students,” ASLCC President,  Robert Kirkpatrick said.

The Snack Shack will continue to offer free coffee every Wednesday and the  first week of every term. Titan favorites will continue to be served, including hotdog meals, candy and fresh fruit. Sandwiches will no longer be on the menu. “They were getting too expensive and we were throwing away too many every week,” Kirkpatrick said.

Kena’Dee stated she already had hired all five of her work study employees.  Each shift is worked by one employee, and at the end of their shift  tips will be taken home.

The Snack Shack will be represented at the Club Fair, Tuesday in front of the Center Building.  Kena’Dee hopes to promote the news of the opening, but also of the room connected to the Snack Shack.  Needham says, “ I am looking forward to opening soon, and making students and staff happy.”