A display to honor and celebrate loved ones has been set up for the Day of the Dead celebration in front of the Multicultural Center in Building 1, Nov. 1.

MEChA, The Chicano Student Movement of Aztlản, will be hosting its annual Day of the Dead celebration. The event will take place 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1 and Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Day of the Dead is a public holiday in Mexico. Loved ones gather to honor and celebrate family and friends who have passed away. Ofrendas (altars) are created with many items for remembrance. Many place pictures or favorite foods of their loved ones. Marigolds are often placed on the altar as well. The intention of the altar is for the living to be reminded of life, not death.

A display of a skeleton bride and groom sits on an ofrendas (altar) to symbolize loved ones in remembrance for The Day of the Dead celebration on Nov. 1.

One tradition of Day of the Dead is to paint faces in the style of a “sugar skull,” which represents a human skull. Face painting is done to ward off evil spirits, not to frighten. In Mexico death is not to be feared, but something to be revered in life.

MEChA, which is part of the Multicultural Center, invites all to stop by and experience the Day of the Dead. Bring items to add to the altars, small photos, treats or incense. The key for the event is to bring the awareness and understanding of this holiday to everyone.

The Multicultural Center offers many services to students, and department coordinator Tina Lymath encourages students to stop by Building 1, upstairs and see what the Multicultural Center has to offer.

“We will be working on getting a flat screen TV, to stream Netflix; computers are always available for student use. This office is the best avenue for students to gain awareness and understanding of multiculturalism.”