Center for Accessible Resources has experienced an almost 20 percent growth in the fall, and the office projects continued growth throughout the year. Accessibility specialists hope that a new office location Building 19 and increased outreach efforts will ensure that every student needing special accommodations knows how to find help.

CAR is a resource provided by Lane to accommodate disabled students. This program works to create a welcoming environment for students who can stop by to learn more about the technology and accommodations offered.

The new office is located near Veterans Services and TRiO, so the groups can more easily refer students to one another.

“CAR strives to empower students with disabilities, or a different way of learning. Students are treated as individuals and work on a strategic plan with the use of open communication and use of additional technology to ensure a full educational experience,” Terrie Minner, Interim Associate Dean of CAR, said.

Renee Mackey, project coordinator lead strives, along with the CAR team to keep the services up to date, not only with current technology, but with the outreach to staff, faculty, students and community.

CAR has also revamped its weekly newsletter for wider appeal. Newsletters cover shorter topics, geared toward instructors’ busy schedules. Each term CAR also generates a faculty newsletter, and a weekly notice which includes FAQs and information regarding policies and useful CAR resources.

There is a short application process, which takes approximately ten minutes to complete in the office. Medical documentation is required regarding physical and invisible disabilities. CAR is overseen by federal laws, and regulated by The Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA annually reviews each disability office and enforces or encourages the offices as needed.

The program has experienced increased numbers since last fall. “The active number of students this term is up by 18.9 percent, and the applications for next term is already at a 7.8 percent increase as well,” Mackey said.

“CAR went through a lot of changes of staff and locations last year. The office has hired three new accommodation advisors and a new counselor,” Beth Pfeiffer, TRiO student advisor, said.

Facilities management on the campus is prompt with CAR student requests in the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to special chairs (the big comfortable ones) in classrooms and specialized technical needs. Special microscopes are offered in the science labs as needed by CAR students.

Tailored testing areas are also available, with a variety of accommodations needed by students. The testing rooms have special chairs, keyboards, lighting and spots to create the best setting for students to feel at ease while testing. The rooms are equipped with cameras. An attendant views from outside the room and assists students when needed.

The staff at CAR work together with other resources and faculty to ensure a student’s success in education and to build confidence. This falls in line with Lane’s mission of students success.

CAR has many resource links on the main Lane page. Drop-in information is available Monday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Building 19, Room 231.