County codes on chickens and corn

"Weird" not limited to Portland

Cat Frink // The Torch

Portland may be known for “keeping it weird” when it comes to its culture, but the rest of the state has got some charming quirks of its own. Take a look at a couple of unusual laws we found that are still in effect today in and around Lane County — and Oregon.

In 2013 Oregon amended its Americans with Disabilities Act service animal law. Originally the law only allowed for a service dog. However after amending the law, a miniature horse may be used as a service animal under certain circumstances, if the horse is licensed and meets all requirements.

Oregon has many such laws which are useful, but some that are just odd.

According to one Oregon law it is illegal to use canned corn as bait in Oregon rivers with the purpose of attracting fish for “chumming.”

Many older codes are kept as city or state laws for a number of reasons. They document a piece of history that may have been otherwise lost. These laws contribute to Oregon’s history, helping create a timeline.

Old city codes also can be used as a foundation for future codes. A city’s ordinance shows the concerns of the community in the past and present — and may provide insight for the future.

Springfield has a couple of odd ordinances of its own. For example, a person may own a pot belly pig as a pet with some regulations — the pig must have a license, be neutered or spayed, weigh less than 95 lbs. and be no taller than 18 inches.

Eugene is no exception to these legal oddities — baby chicks, goslings, or ducklings may not be sold or bartered if artificially colored or dyed.

There is no record of these codes being enforced, or tickets issued at this time.