According to the Register Guard, 33-year-old Lacy Lyons was arrested Saturday, Jan. 14 for the murder of 32-year-old Joshua Ty Turnage whose body was found earlier that morning. She is currently being held at the Lane County jail and has retained a public defender. As of Jan. 24 Lyons has been indicted on two charges stemming from the incident — second-degree assault and murder.

Police were called to Alton Baker Park on Jan. 14 at around 6:20 a.m. after receiving reports of a dead body located in a tan-colored Ford Explorer. The vehicle was found near a parking lot that runs a program allowing the homeless to stay in their vehicles overnight.

According to his obituary, Turnage is originally from McComb, Mississippi. Upon relocating to Eugene he attended Lane for a short period of time. He leaves behind a daughter, Samira Turnage, who currently stays with her mother in Hamden, Connecticut.

According to Facebook Lyons is from Eugene and has studied at Lane.

Eugene resident Rob Ison frequently goes to Alton Baker Park to play disc golf. He stated that he has seen the Ford Explorer parked there frequently throughout the past six months.

“I’ve personally seen that car just within the past week, and can remember seeing it there numerous times as far back as last summer.”

Lead detective Jen Curry hadn’t responded to requests for information by the time of publication.

According to court records, Lyons has no prior criminal charges on her record.