Students finally get ‘.edu’ addresses

Starting spring term Lane begins a partnership with Google.

Jordan Jones // The Torch
Lane student Shawn Bernheisel works on a final project for his Image Communications class in the downstairs media lab in Building 17 on March 14.

This week Lane Community College is rolling out a new program that will give students a “.edu” email address. Through a partnership with Google they have created a user-friendly and interactive system for students by introducing G Suite, formerly known as Google for Education.

G Suite is a cloud-based network that will help students stay connected. It offers everything a normal gmail account would, except it’s more suited for educational purposes. G Suite is free to nonprofit education institutions.

Google states, “We do not collect, scan or use your G Suite data for advertising purposes and do not display ads in G Suite, Education, or Government core services.”

According to a New York Times article, over the last four years, Apple’s iPads and Mac notebooks — which accounted for about half of the mobile devices shipped to schools in the United States in 2013 — have steadily lost ground to Chromebooks, inexpensive laptops that run on Google’s Chrome operating system and are produced by Samsung, Acer and other computer makers.

“Currently we have approximately 300 macs and around 1500 PCs,” IT tech Derek Nelson stated about the amount of computers in classrooms. The move to G Suite could be an indication of the growing shift from Apple to Microsoft programs in public educational institutions.

Many students already benefit from Google by using programs such as Google Drive and Google Docs to write papers and create powerpoints as a group. Second year Lane student Ian Epperson has been using his Google account for school for over a year.

“I prefer Google Docs over anything because it autosaves as I type. If I accidentally close out of the page, I know my work is still there,” Epperson said.

G Suite isn’t only geared to help students. A program called “Classroom,” will help teachers easily grade assignments and keep large workloads organized.

According to Wikipeida, G Suite is the number one platform in education, with over 70 million registered users worldwide.