Advocating for accomplished candidates


I read the recommendations for the candidates running for elective office on May 16, 2017. I know some of these people and am impressed with the backgrounds and experience such as Melanie Muenzer and Emilio Hernandez, who chose to run for an office that doesn’t pay a salary when they could have taken a paying position.

Emilio has an impressive background, including a Ph.D. in education and experience on the Oregon State Board of Education and has been endorsed by the Register Guard among others. I met him in Salem while I was serving as the Springfield representative on LCC’s Board of Education.

Melanie Muenzer has a long list of education-related credentials and experience and is already serving as an LCC Board member. She was selected to fill the Florence area vacancy because the member for that area retired. I suggest that anyone who wants to know more about her read the profile of her published by the Torch which is LCC’s newspaper.

These school district positions are extremely important as indicated by the rankings of Oregon’s schools published by the Register Guard in the April 29 issue.

If you care about the education of Oregon’s children, you should vote in the May 16 election.

G. Dennis Shine

Springfield, Oregon