After a blustery spring it is difficult to believe that the sun, and summer term, are already almost here. Many students will be heading back to Lane Community College’s main campus for ‘summer sessions,’ which, in some cases, are a bit different from the traditional terms that run approximately 10 weeks from fall through spring.

One of the most notable differences that students should be aware of is that some class sessions may only be four weeks long. This presents a unique opportunity for students to take an entire three-course series in the span of one term, instead of three terms. For example, 12 credits of psychology — 201, 202 and 203 — can be completed in-sequence during summer term instead of spreading it over fall, winter and spring terms. Some classes are still the traditional length of a term, such as an accounting class that runs from June 26 to Sept. 16.

While most classes begin June 26, some of the shorter sessions begin later. Four-week class dates are as follows: session one, June 26 – July 22; session two, July 24 – Aug. 19; and session three: Aug. 21 – Sept. 16.

Before enrolling, students should carefully review the class schedule to ensure they select the correct classes for their program of study, that they don’t overwhelm themselves by signing up for too many credits over these short periods, and/or take on a financial burden they may not be prepared to negotiate.

Students who wish to take summer classes should check out the current catalog, available on Lane’s main page and enroll immediately to secure a spot. Enrollment Services and Financial Aid in Building 1 on Lane’s main campus are available for students with questions.

Key dates for 2017 summer term

  • Registration begins May 2017

  • Summer term books available 6/19

  • Summer term begins 6/26

  • Independence Day (College closed) 7/4

  • Labor Day (College closed) 9/4

  • Summer term ends 9/16