Lane athletes lead the pack

Students break school records while winning NWAC award

Photograph courtesy of Abdullah Khawaja

For the past few years Lane Community College’s track and field student athletes have been gaining success among their community college peers. As a part of the Northwest Athletic Conference, community college student athletes have the opportunity to be chosen as the Under Armour athlete of the week. So far this year Lane has had a fairly significant presence amongst this list with four out of the total fifteen being Lane students. Two of these four students have even gone so far as to break two decades-old school records.

Photograph courtesy of Abdullah Khawaja

NWAC is the “governing body for two-year college athletics in Washington and Oregon with two additional schools in Idaho and Vancouver, BC.,” according to the organization’s Twitter account. To start off the process of selecting an athlete of the week, all the coaches in the NWAC division send in nominations for who they think should win. The submissions then go to NWAC where the winner is chosen.

Lane sophomore Meg Jackson was the first of the four chosen this term with a lifetime record in the hammer throw of 135 feet 11 inches according to the NWAC website. Jackson has plans to go to Oregon State University next year and hopes to score at least 30 points in the NWAC championship a few weeks from now.

“I’m doing really well this year. I’ve PR’d [personal record] in all my events from last year and I’ve had just a lot more time to practice,” Jackson said.

A school record-breaker, Tristan James, was also selected as the men’s athlete of the week for the week of April 13. James, a Lane sophomore, recently broke a 22-year-old school record with a triple jump distance of 49 feet, 4.5 inches. On Saturday, April 19, James won the triple jump and set the meet and facility records at 48 feet 5 inches at a meet at Oregon State University.

Photograph courtesy of Abdullah Khawaja

“I always want to jump farther, get stronger, faster, all of the above,” James said. “My goal is just to stay healthy.”

More recently, Lane sophomore Emily Viukhola also broke a school record and was selected as the women’s athlete of the week for the week of April 13. The school record for the 800 meter was set at 2:13.84 in 1972. On April 29, Viukhola broke that record with a time of 2:12.15, winning the race at OSU.

“I’m trying to run, by the end of the season, a 2:08 and right now I’m running a 2:14 so I have a little ways to go but hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish that,” Viukhola said.

With the NWAC championships starting, on May 1 and 2 the Lane Titans claimed both first and second place in the NWAC multi-event championships for the decathlon. Grant Shurtliff got first with 6,731 points and Wyatt Thompson-Siporen got second with 6,635 points. The next meet will be on May 5 at the U of O.