Lane competes to save energy

Institute of sustainable practices hosts contests


The Institute of Sustainable Practices is hosting a series of contests at Lane Community College to promote positive energy use. The root vegetables kohlrabi and parsnips along with summer squash and chard are invited to donate to the food pantry.

Through June, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit recipes that include creative
ways to use the vegetables. The individual with the most recipes submitted will win a sweet treat from local bakeries in the form of gift cards.

This is the second contest the Institute of Sustainable Practices at Lane Community College is hosting. The “Green Team Spring Cleaning Challenge” is continuing through June.

The first contest in the series was held in April with the idea of individuals or departments challenging each other on campus to significantly decrease the amount of of “off -time” energy during the month.

Off -time energy is energy being used when it is not needed. Generally, this happens when devices like monitors, printers, speakers and coffee makers are left on overnight after employees, staff and students leave for the day. When devices are left on they can be costly.

Participants were given a load meter purge strip to measure the amount of energy used during the month. The department or individual that used the least amount of plugins wins.

“I cannot say who the winner is, but it is an individual in building 11,” Lane’s Institute of Sustainable Practices project coordinator Anna Scott said.