Lane Community College President Mary Spilde is facing opposition from the Democratic Socialists of America, who has chosen Twitter as its platform. A series of tweets targeted Spilde throughout late April and early May.

On May 4, DSA tweeted, “ … we’d love to ask the President of LCC @maryspilde why no management salary cuts were added to the budget proposal.”

Democratic Socialists of America is an organization that advocates changes that will reduce the influence of corporations and strengthen the authority of the working people in America. Boston DSA Treasurer David Duhalde claims membership increased by 1000 in the two days following  the presidential election.

The Young Democratic Socialists of America 20th Chapter in New York reports membership climbing to the biggest it has been in two decades. Members of the YDSA need to meet the requirement of an age less than 30.

The DSA wants Spilde to publically address budget proposal cuts and the effects they would have on students. Spilde is openly asked about section 4.7 in her 2012 – 2013 employment contract. Among the various discretionary expenses listed the $1500 computer, cell phone and $950 car allowance caught the DSA’s attention.

On April 24, DSA members tweeted, “Since you said ‘we ought to live like students’ at a meeting, will you forgo your $950/month car allowance and ride the bus?”

“This is more than I bring home per class per month as an adjunct professor,” Portland State University Professor Daniel Glendening commented on Twitter.

Spilde did respond to the DSA and their public criticism of her conduct on Sunday April 22. “Glad to have the convo; don’t think Twitter is the forum to discuss complex issues. If you want to have a serious FtF conversation let me know.”

Daily the tweets from DSA continue to confront Spilde and the board regarding proposed budget cuts. There will be a special board meeting on Wednesday May 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Building 3, Room 216.