LCC immortalizes former Vice President

Study area named after former Vice-President Jim Ellison


Jim Ellison began his 29-year career at Lane Community College as a part-time instructor in the Study Skills department and ended it, in 1995, after five years as Vice President for Instruction. For his dedication to the school, his adoration of the students and his significant contributions, the Board of Education dedicated the quiet study area, located on the third floor of the Center Building, to his memory.

On Nov. 9, Ellison’s widow Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts, LCC President Margaret Hamilton and Chairwoman Rosie Pryor, along with many others, held a short reception to celebrate the naming of the Jim Ellison quiet study area and to give people the opportunity to share their memories of Ellison.  

“I’m struck by the irony of this being a ‘quiet study space,’” Vice President Dawn Dewolf, who could not be there in person, wrote about Ellison. “Jim tried to have the effect of being quiet but he was a joker, a prankster and anything but quiet.” Students looking for a place to study should look no further than the Jim Ellison quiet study area.