Wave of support

Local bookstore flooded with donations

Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
Brendan O’Meara, an employee at Tsunami Books sorts through used books for resale.
Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
A donation jar urging people to donate to the rent fund sits on the concession stand in the back of the store.

After a two-year-long struggle, Tsunami Books has successfully raised $330,000 to extend their lease for another 10 years with help from almost 1,000 members of the community. Tsunami has been open for over 20 years and has become a staple in the years since.  

A flurry of posts has filled the Tsunami Books Facebook page over the last few weeks with people showing their support of the local bookstore.

Tsunami is so much more than a bookshop. It is community in the purest sense” said one community member.  “This is a place that supports art in every way and we need more of that”, said another poster.