Hungry for action

Community organizations work together to feed the hungry


With Lane County sitting at a 16.5 percent food insecurity rate, local charities and organizations are attempting to put out a helping hand for their community.

Lane County can be a challenging area for residents. There are multiple factors that lead to households struggling to find the money to get food on the table.

“One is [the] high cost of housing,” Don Marie Woodward at Food for Lane County said. “More than thirty percent of people in Eugene spend half of their monthly income on housing.“

As people around Lane County struggle to pay their bills, many lack the funds to put food on the table for themselves and their families. Certain demographics are more at risk of food insecurity than others.

“Older citizens, children and families who are working is primarily who we serve,” Woodward explained. “People on fixed incomes find it harder to pay for food when prices are going up and they have bills to pay.”

With so many local residents facing challenges from this issue, the community has come together to support those in need. Lane County has put together various resources for people who need help feeding their households.

“We offer food pantries where people can get boxes of food that will last their household 3-5 days,” Woodward said.

On top of the various food pantries around the County, there are also sites for ready to eat meals, Meals on Wheels in Eugene, senior grocery programs, community gardens and school programs that work together to feed the community. Lane Community College has the Rainy Day Food Pantry and a community garden to help fight food insecurity.

“We serve approximately 100 students a week in a friendly, supportive atmosphere,” Lisa Carroll