First ever intersectional awards

A joint committee honors inclusivity and sustainability

Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
Anna Scott, Project Coordinator at the Institute for Sustainable Practices, receives an award for her work managing energy and water resources at LCC. During her acceptance speech, Scott talked about the honor she felt receiving the award directly from the student body.

ASLCC’s Inclusive College Committee and the Sustainable Students Committee hosted their first-annual awards ceremony on Mar. 9 where 14 awards were handed out to students and staff members.

“We decided to do an awards ceremony to lighten everyone’s spirits, to remind everybody that there’s positivity, and to hopefully bring up energy,” Amadeo Rehbein, treasurer of Lane’s Student Government and chair of the ICC, said. “Sometimes we feel that in the winter term, people lose energy and feel down.”

The SSC hosts a community meal every term. With that idea in mind, the ICC asked them to join forces and create the award ceremony meal. The mission of the dinner: to celebrate and commemorate students, staff and faculty for their actions that support sustainability and inclusivity.

“Sustainability can really work with inclusivity,” Rehbein said. “You can spin those ideas together.”

The committees gave out separate awards.

Timothy Ingalsbee, a sociology teacher at Lane, received an award for social sustainability.

“We should focus our efforts on both social systems and ecological systems because they’re interrelated,” Ingalsbee said.

The SCC also gave awards for ecological and economic sustainability.

The Asian/Pacific Islander Student Union was awarded for community outreach by the ICC, who also handed out awards for outstanding student advocacy and fostering growth.

The ICC, SSC and Accessible Care Committee are three committees put together by the student government in an effort to improve LCC’s relationship with its students. These three committees meet weekly and advocate for student rights and representation. This is their first year in action, so they’re looking for student input, involvement and engagement.

The ICC’s mission is to “transform LCC into an inclusive and welcoming space for all people through educational events, community events, and leadership opportunities,” according to Rehbein.

The SSC’s goal is to “promote awareness of the three pillars of sustainability – ecological, economic and social sustainability – by helping students understand what sustainability means through means of sustaining themselves,” Keely Blyleven, Sustainability Coordinator of the SG and Chair of Sustainable Students Committee, said.