Crimes strike Valley River area

Police seek information about attempted carjacking, kidnapping


The Eugene Police Department is investigating an attempted carjacking and a separate attempted kidnapping that took place in the Valley River area on Saturday, April 7.

According to an EPD press release, the first incident occurred at 9:21 p.m. near the theater parking lot where a 5’10” white male opened the driver’s side door as a 19-year-old woman was getting into her car. The suspect was described as having a thin build, no facial hair, hair that was longer on the top and shorter on the sides and wearing a hooded black raincoat.

Less than two hours later, a 35-year-old woman reported a similar incident as she was getting into her car at 10:42 p.m. in the Olive Garden parking lot.  A 5’9” white male opened the driver’s side door and grabbed the woman’s arm, telling her to get out. The suspect was described as being around the age of 20-25, weighing 160-170 pounds, with curly brown hair, dark eyes, fair skin, no facial hair and wearing a hooded cobalt blue rain jacket and black pants. The victim remembers seeing a second suspect, a white male standing approximately 5’7”, acting as what appeared to be a look-out. The second suspect was described as being the age of 20-25, weighing 150 pounds and wearing hooded black rain gear, a black bandana and a blue and yellow backpack.

K-9 units were dispatched for both incidents but were unable to find the suspects. The EPD has not determined if the two cases are related, but have stated that the first case is considered an attempted carjacking and the second case is considered an attempted kidnapping.

The press release stated, “Use the buddy system when walking after hours as there is greater safety in numbers. As soon as you get into your vehicle, lock the doors.” Until the suspects are in custody, EPD recommends that the community take extra precaution.

If anyone has any information about the incident, they are encouraged to call the non-emergency line, 541-682-5111.