Employees, employers meet and greet

LCC students connect with potential employers at job fair


Lane Community College students and local employers gathered on main campus for the annual LCC Job Fair on Thursday, May 17th. On top of learning about the local economy, students were able to connect with potential employers.

With graduation just around the corner, many LCC students will be joining the workforce right out of school. It can be challenging for students to compete with local employees. The LCC Job Fair serves as a way to help even out the playing field between experienced members of the workforce and Lane students.

It allows students to network with a diverse population of employers in one location that is convenient not only for students but also the community,” Tina Hunter, LCC On-Campus Student Employment Specialist, said.Through this networking, it helps students find gainful employment while they are in school and when they graduate.”

The event was open for all students to talk to local employers in all areas of study. LCC’s diverse program opportunities gave the job fair many options for targeted interests. From healthcare to design, the job fair offered something for almost all professions. Many local companies, as well as government agencies and academic departments, participated.

On top of meeting employers face-to-face, many students were able to learn valuable skills that go hand-in-hand with employment.

The student can gain important networking, interviewing, dressing for success skills, and application and resume tips from the employers,” Hunter said.

For LCC, the annual Job Fair has provided students with access to opportunities after graduation. The Job Fair gives students a chance to compete in the job market and plan next steps for their career. LCC has created connections with the community by reaching out to local businesses looking for new employees with fresh ideas. Providing students with a next step in their career after education helps students use their new degrees in the community.