Honoring moms


According to Anna Jarvis, who is widely credited with making Mother’s Day a U.S. fixture, the holiday is meant to honor “the best mother who ever lived — your mother.” People have a chance to think about everything that moms have done and cherish them just a little more than usual.

There are various relationships, memories and traditions associated with mothers and this holiday. With the diversity of a college campus, this day can take on many different meanings.

“Mother’s Day is the day you remember your mother and all she has done for you, like giving you birth,” Paolos Kidanemariam, a culinary student at Lane Community College, said. “Not just your mother but the Earth. The Earth is our mother. It’s also a time to make sure she is okay as well.”  

“It’s a day to recognize mothers for all they’ve done for us; life would be quite different if we didn’t have moms,” Zephan Holt, a student at LCC, said.

“Mother’s Day is a time for celebration of life. We can celebrate not only our own lineage but we can appreciate all mothers because everyone has a mother even if they aren’t present,” Gee Thomas, who works in the Cooperative Education Department, said.

The holiday can bring about different feelings and memories: some celebratory, some reflective.

“I just remember every Mother’s Day being special, getting to spend time with family and making memories,” Holt said.

“I remember my grandma who died a couple years ago, because, you know, it’s about mothers and grandmothers,” Sean Halferty, an art student at LCC, said.

“When we came to America, my mom was already here and it happened to be a Mother’s Day. We didn’t even know what Mother’s Day was,” Kidanemariam said.

The holiday gives the community all a chance to step away and relax after the midterm chaos of week six. The day can double as a chance for a well-earned break for students.

“I think we might go to the coast,” Halferty said. “We love going to Florence or Newport.”

“I’m going to go tour some wineries with my son and daughter-in-law,” Thomas said. “My other son is going to do something that I want, which is pretty cool because he actually paid attention to me, not just some last-minute flowers or something.”

“My family is really big into ballet. Ballet Fantastique always has a Mother’s Day show,” Holt said. “Then we have a dinner with my grandma, great aunt and the rest of my family, so we will have a bunch of mothers around.”

“I’m going to San Jose to visit my mother. We’re gonna drive with my three kids. Between my mom, my wife and my three kids, I have a lot to celebrate,” Kidanemariam said. “We will take Mom out to dinner and hang out since we don’t always get to see her.”