Two black bears spotted near Lane main campus


A black bear was spotted by Eugene residents Jean and Bill Boggs’ security camera at 30th Avenue and Spring Boulevard, near Lane Community College’s main campus on April 20. Another sighting occurred in the same neighborhood on May 2.

The Get Bear Smart Society is a group that provides resources and basic safety guidelines in case of the event of a bear encounter.

In the event of an encounter with a bear from a distance, “do not approach it, even to get a photo, and give it as much room as possible. Leave the area if possible,” the GBSS guidebook says.

In an up-close encounter, the GBSS advises to speak “in a calm, appeasing tone and back away slowly,” Walk — instead of running — and keep an eye on the bear to monitor its behavior, the guide advises

If the bear were to become aggressive, the protocol is to match its aggression.

“Look it straight in the eyes and let it know you will fight if attacked,” the GBSS guidebook says. It is important to be as loud as possible and extend arms to appear large. “Stamp your feet and take a step or two toward the bear. Threaten the bear with whatever is handy.”

Bears often wander into rural areas in search of food. Securing garbage, managing animal feed, and cleaning barbecues will deter bears, according to the GBSS.