You can grow your own way

Local garden shop hosts class on growing cannabis


Local business Down to Earth hosted a workshop on May 20 for community members to learn how to properly grow their own cannabis.

Even before the legalization of marijuana in 2016, people have been growing and using cannabis for a variety of purposes. Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use, more people are taking out their gardening tools to grow their own at home to avoid pesticides in their harvest.

“There are still things slipping through the cracks,” Ryan Woolverton at Down to Earth said. “At first there was a definite uptake because it was coming off from a long period of prohibition. People are taking the opportunity to grow their own cannabis without fearing they might be incarcerated.”

On top of avoiding unwanted pesticides in their cannabis, local community members are working toward being more sustainable by growing their own pot plants. With Eugene being well into the spring season, many residents enjoy tending to their gardens and are looking for a new challenge.

“We really want to interact with the community,” Woolverton said. “The nature of the talks have been very diverse. We feel a leadership role in the community and want to help the community be more sustainable.”

As the community engages with a local business, residents are able to stray from mainstream practices and produce their own products.

“I think in this day and age with the convenience of everything at the grocery store takes us out of the loop with skills like gardening, ”Woolverton said. “This is a way to encourage people to get back to those skills of growing their own food. I think people want more control over their food.”

Even for beginners, cannabis is a fairly sturdy crop that growers say can be easy to manage.

“Beginners can jump in on it too,” Woolverton said. “No one expects you to hit a home run the first time you grow. It doesn’t require anything fancy.”

Local residents can join the gardening community for a variety of events at Down to Earth. Whether someone is a beginner or expert, there are multiple workshops for all ages and skill levels.