The Eugene Comic Convention featured everything from art walks to celebrity signings, even some Lane Community College students showcased their growing businesses at the fairgrounds on Nov. 10. and Nov 11. EUCON hosted actors, writers, entertainers and illustrators from the comic book and video game community for the city’s fourth-annual comic con.

Entertainment was in no short supply at EUCON. Fans could get involved in an art walk with professional and inspiring artists debuting everything from homemade comic books to original anime designs. Afterwards, crowds poured into the beer garden in the parking lot. Surrounded by Eugene’s popular food carts, everyone could enjoy a Hop Valley brew while chowing down on a Star Wars themed hot dog.

Amidst all the crowds of cosplay characters, students from LCC managed to make make an impression.

Andy Darnall, a student at Lane, was representing LCC’s new computer simulation and game development program. Darnall’s mission was to advertise Lane’s growing programing courses.

“People are excited, they just don’t know we offer these courses,” Darnall said. Her table displayed two full sheets listing Lane classes in the computer simulation and game development fields. Attendees were attracted to the computer game Darnell had setup for anyone to play. The computer game was the capstone project from a recent LCC programming graduate.

Andy Darnall (right), representing the game development program at LCC, discusses two of the video game-based degrees available to a EUCON attendee. (Jason Petorak // The Torch)

“Our video game drew in a lot of attention,” Darnall said. Darnall had set up the video game showing off the abilities of LCC game design students. The video game took players on an adventure through dungeons and encounters with monsters. The player would slash their way through the dark hallways using power ups to fight to the end of the dungeons. Darnall said the comic con event was a success and she may have recruited future programing students.

Not every booth was focused on LCC, but instead around the students’ businesses.

Genevieve Mullins is currently enrolled in the game development program and had her own booth advertising her company NerdOasis. Mullins creates hand-made, hand-painted pop culture accessories and figures. Some of her crowd favorites were Pokémon and Star Wars droids. She sold her crafts all weekend long, but her works of art can also be found on Etsy.

“I have big plans,” Mullins said. “I might take a break from Etsy to slow down, rebrand and make some new items.”

From right, LCC game programming student Genevieve Mullins and boyfriend Sergio Silva table at the Eugene Comic Con. Mullins has her own business selling handcrafted pop culture trinkets. (Selina Scott // The Torch)

Mullins recognizes that her classes don’t directly relate to her business but help her develop her skills as an artist.

“I feel like each one [class] I’ve taken have helped me learn technical design skills,” Mullins said. She feels her work is improving every year and gives high praises of her professors at LCC.

Another student at EUCON set up a booth advertising her furry accessories. Island Hornor is an aspiring business owner that had great success at EUCON. “I’m in the green!” Hornor said excitedly. Hornor’s brand “Islandhedgehog” was a hit. After just one day Hornor was able to make back all the money she had spent on her homemade crafts.

Island Hornor talks with a potential customer at her booth Islandhedgehog Accessories at EUCON 2018. Hornor, who is studying Business Management at LCC, said that she did very well. “I am in the green,” she said on the second day of the event. (Jason Petorak // The Torch)

“It was a super successful weekend,” Mullins said. “ which was a relief considering the stress that went into the preparation.” The LCC students all said they had achieved what they came for. EUCON allowed these students to get their names out alongside some popular names in the comic con community.

The main attractions were the celebrities that were signing autographs and taking selfies with fans. Scheduled throughout the weekend were actors like Simone Missick, who played Misty Knight in Marvel’s Luke Cage, and Jason Mewes, who played Jay from Jay and Silent Bob. For a few dollars guests met and talked with the celebrities of their choosing.

Among the stars was WCW’s most decorated wrestler Booker T who held a panel discussion telling stories of how all the wrestlers would interact off stage and prank each other.  Booker T also stated that he will be running for mayor of Houston Texas in 2019. He left with an inspiring look into his childhood and a message: whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

Charlie Lewis stands in front of his 2003 Dodge Neon – dubbed “Neon-tendo” – at Eugene Comicon. Lewis says the idea stemmed from a conversation with his friends that slowly developed into a show piece. The mobile gaming console contains five different gaming stations allowing EUCON attendees to play Mario-themed games. (Jason Petorak // The Torch)

Some guest stars such as Bruce Campbell, who started in the 1981 horror film classic The Evil Dead, were at EUCON to give an interactive panel with fans for just one night. Campbell gave a lecture on his career and later answered questions from fans Saturday night. Some celebrities stuck around all weekend entertaining the fans with personal stories from their careers.

EUCON came at a significant time for the comic con community. With the passing of comic book legend Stan Lee EUCON gave their gratitude to him with a powerful piece of art by Peter Han. EUCON on Facebook showed the artwork showing Stan Lee smiling with all his superhero creations surrounding him, effectively embodying his legacy.