Editor’s Note: On Jan. 17, the Associated Students of Lane Community College Student Government held their first public meeting of the new term. At the meeting, new President Nick Keough announced that the ASLCC would circulate a “unity letter,” signed by all sitting members of the student government, that would address the controversies of the previous term and outline a path forward for the new administration. After the ratification of Vice President Amadeo Rehbein and President Pro Tempore Michael Gillette that evening, Keough read the letter aloud to the students present at the meeting.

The Torch has agreed to publish the ASLCC’s open letter. We have not made any changes to the content of the letter.

“To the students of Lane Community College:

We hope this letter reaches you well as you finish up the last few weeks of Fall Term. Just as you have been busy much of Fall Term, so has your Student Government. ASLCCSG accomplished a lot of amazing things this term. A few of these things include: ASLCCSG filled all student-at-large seats on the college’s governance councils. ASLCCSG has continued worked on the expansion of student recourses like the Rainy-Day Food Pantry and No Cash Clothing Stash on campus. Additionally, ALSCCSG has worked tirelessly on other projects relating to visibility, accessibility, sustainability, and other coalition building projects with various other non-student governmental student groups on campus.

Despite our successes, it is no secret that we have had our fair share of challenges this year as we have adjusted to our roles as student representatives. ASLCCSG is a governing body that is making important decisions every week on behalf of students-at-large at Lane. All of us are bringing very different viewpoints and fields of experience to the table. There is bound to be contentions within our impassioned politics and we acknowledge that. ASLCCSG deeply apologizes to anyone who may have witnessed these disagreements and any work that may have been impeded on because of these disagreements.

ASLCCSG holds our core values of integrity, equity, respect, diversity, accountability, transparency, and sustainability to high importance. ASLCCSG is committed to seeing these values expressed in the work we do and the spaces we hold.

Going forth, ASLCCSG is committed to unity. As we wrap up this term, our focus is on our various committee work, rebuilding our team, and doing our best to support our students through finals and the holidays. We look forward to the rest of this year. with you.


Associated Students of Lane Community College Student Government”