Lane maintains dominance

Titans don’t hold back against rival Penguins


The Titans took full advantage of home court on Feb. 11, making easy work of their opponents. The Clark Penguins put up 54 points over four quarters, but Lane had 59 points by half time. The onslaught ended 104-55.

Lane’s starting guard Megan Still had an unprecedented 10 three-point goals that tied the school’s single game record. Adding in-guard Mya India Thomas’ 29 points, these two teammates scored more than Clark’s entire offense.

Clark started with a two-point lead, but one minute and thirty seconds into the first quarter, Lane flipped a switch and gained a six-point lead in under a minute. Clark made a valiant effort, but Lane’s defense forced 28 turnovers to Clark’s 12. Consistently giving the ball back to the Titans, who were making 54.1 percent of their three-pointers, ultimately led to a massive separation in points. 36 of Lane’s points came directly off of turnovers.

Kylie Guelsdorf sails over Clark defenders to bank a layup late in their Feb. 11 matchup at Titan Coliseum. The Titans iced the Penguins by 49 points, tightening their grip on first place in the NWAC. (Marek Belka // The Torch)

Clark was limited on available players, having only three eligible reserves. They struggled to find an answer to the high-powered Titans’ offense in the second half. Still was not quitting on her attempts at the three point line, she made three of four shots in the third quarter, creating a larger deficit for the Penguins.

The fourth quarter showed nothing different. The Titans kept their foot on the gas and added 20 points in the fourth to Clark’s 11.

Where the Penguins slacked the most was in their three-point plays. Attempting 18 shots past the three-point line, the Penguins only one sank one. They held their own with 38 rebounds, three higher than average, but Lane still outshined their opponents with 49 rebounds.

This game wasn’t crucial to Clarks’ season, seeing as they are out of the running for a playoff position. Currently, they have a conference record of 3-8.

However, Lane is in control of their destiny. Having lost one game out of the last 19, they still hold first place in the NWAC south standings. The one loss came from the team that’s second in the south, Umpqua.

Only one game behind Lane, Umpqua is looking forward to the rematch on Feb. 27 at Titan Court. Much is undecided but after Lane plays Umpqua, the playoff picture will be more complete. The Titans hold the best overall record in the league and will make it into the playoffs, but their seed placement can still change.