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New student group does what transfer orientation misses


Out of 1,095 students who transferred to the University of Oregon during fall and summer 2018, 321 were from Lane Community College, according to the University’s Director of Enrollment Management Research Jonathan Jacobs.

With a significant number of students transferring to the University of Oregon each year, it hasn’t been until now that a club dedicated to helping those students transition has been founded.

As a product of this, two transfer students have founded the University of Oregon Transfer Club.

The mission of the club: to create a community for all transfer students, offering a network, support, and a voice that will allow students to succeed on and off campus.

Founded by former Lane Community College student, Hannah Guth, and former-University of Arizona student, Jodi Allen, they “have always thought that it is super difficult to emerge ourselves into the community at UO,” especially for transfer students.

Guth explained that “while we were able to find friends, network and learn more about the school, others have a really difficult time with it and we wanted to help.”

Currently, the club is trying to recruit members.

The first scheduled meeting was Feb. 25 at 5:30 p.m. but was canceled due to Eugene’s snowstorm.   

It was rescheduled and the first meeting was held on March 11 in Allen Hall on the university’s campus. There, the co-founders and few starting members discussed their plans moving forward, including social meet-ups and clinics on UO services that may not be highlighted during the traditional transfer-student orientation.

They currently have a website, a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Interested students can search on the aforementioned social media’s for the University of Oregon Transfer Club.

Students are encouraged to check their social media accounts for further updates and events.

College Transfer’s website, an online transfer aggregator, states that the university has a transfer student ratio of eight percent, or an estimated 1,613 students.