Students and staff speak out on proposed changes to campus services, tuition increase


On March 14, the Lane Community College Board of Education held their monthly public meeting to decide the fate of the Titan Bookstore, Food Services and a proposed tuition increase of $6 per credit hour. Students, faculty and staff packed into the boardroom on LCC’s main campus that Thursday to speak on-the-record to the Board about the effects the changes would have on their ability to afford a community college education and other concerns unrelated to budget proposals.

For his final assignment at The Torch, Zach Lyons captured all the student testimony on video and edited the nearly four-hour long meeting down to just over two minutes. A full, unedited version of this video will be released later this week.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Two of the students who spoke at the Board meeting are active staff members of The Torch. Though they spoke as independent students and not as journalists, The Torch felt it was most appropriate to disclose this information before releasing videos from the meeting.