Titan head coach to lead Lane United Football Club


Conner Cappelletti, affectionately known as Coach Cap by his team, has an extensive resume that shows his passion for soccer. Cappelletti began his college career during the 2007 season at Wallace State Community College, earning NJCAA All-Region honors in back-to-back seasons. Beginning his playing career at a community college, he now is named head coach of Lane United Football Club.

After a stellar junior college career, Cappelletti played for the Division I Valparaiso Crusaders in 2009. He closely relates to the position his players are currently in, having started at a two-year college before moving into Division I. He sees many similarities between himself and his players and intends to guide them to a career path in soccer.

“Even when I first went into it, I was very lost in the dark with it, didn’t really think anything of it,” Cappelletti said. “I wasn’t quite sure about the whole process but then obviously after I went through it for the two years and it worked out the way it did, I transferred to play Division I at Valparaiso University, it really opened my eyes. I also played with a lot of guys who are currently playing pro right now who have done the same exact path that I have.”

He is certified to coach development programs to prepare youth for a future in soccer. He wants to be able to eventually have the credentials that qualify him to coach Division I or even professional leagues.

He is still learning all the necessary behind-the-scenes tasks college coaches face. “There’s a lot of little things outside of it when it comes to the fundraising and staying on top of their schoolwork. It’s not super hard, but it does take up time,” Cappelletti said.

Spare time is in short supply in Cappelletti’s life right now. In addition to coaching the Titans and Lane United, Cappelletti coaches a youth team. Between faculty meetings, youth programs and practices, his schedule is packed with one common thread: his love for the sport.

“It definitely throws some more obstacles in there, but in a good way,” Cappelletti said. “It is certainly tough to manage all of it at one time, but I’m getting by.”

For the 2018-2019 season, the Lane men had an overall record of 6-6-3 with Cappelletti at the helm. The next season won’t start until the fall, but the informal spring season is about to start and will help break the mundane offseason training. Spring season starts April 1, currently Lane is scheduled for two spring games on April 19 and 20.