Oregon joins nation in readying for Earthquake.  

At 10:17 a.m. on Oct. 17, 2019, Lane Community College participated in the Great ShakeOut. Students, staff and administrators took part in a simulation of a significant earthquake event. Overhead, in buildings throughout campus, some heard the announcement to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” from the speaker system. 

The Great Oregon Shakeout tabletop exercise was designed to prepare for an 8.0 Cascade seismic event. Currently, public safety has 10 cases of meals-ready-to-eat which isn’t enough to feed the campus. 

The drills are to get people on campus thinking and discussing emergency preparation. Lisa Rupp, Interim Director of Public Safety said “It’s a work in progress. We all can do better by being a part of emergency preparedness.” There’s definitely a desire, she mentioned, for student and staff engagement.

Dawn Barth, who started the Great Oregon Shakeout at LCC, is a stakeholder in Lane’s emergency preparedness drills. Other stakeholders include Public Safety Officer Ben Bowers and wilderness EMT Trainer Cory Minors. 

The team is piloting a certification in emergency response to encourage people to get prepared for a major earthquake event. 

Khristina Fuller, Administrative Coordinator for High School Connections sits relatively close to the large round overhead speaker. During the Great Oregon Shakeout, she heard muffled directions. Poor quality sound is reportedly waiting to be addressed through a pending service order. There was a mixture of participation from staff as portions of the office were out of range. Unclear directions left staff and some students with more questions than answers. Some were not entirely sure why lights were flashing overall. 

The college is currently seeking funds and equipment to help with the cost of emergency food and water through the state-funded Spire Grant. At the time of publication, the school does not know if it has received the award. 

Students, staff, visitors and persons with disabilities are encouraged to educate themselves by getting a hold of information and keeping supplies on hand. There are supply checklists, tips, handouts and posters available online that can be shared in the community. Interested people can go to the Great Shakeout website for more information.