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Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

Bernie and the bird

There are very few things that will prompt millennials out of bed before 10 a.m. Half priced burritos at Chipotle, an existential, anxiety-ridden motivation...

Five ways to survive the holiday season

We all know those people who begin pulling out Christmas decorations Thanksgiving night, who are overjoyed by the mere sound of sleigh bells and...
Famed Eugene Airport “Flight Patterns” currently soars through the halls of the David Joyce Gallery

Amid renovations, future of ‘flying people’ installation still uncertain

After much debate, the final decision on where the airport installation “Flight Patterns” should land is still uncertain. Eugene airport is currently undertaking a...
Katurian (Tyler Freeman) awaits the outcome of his predicament in the dress rehearsal of The Pillowman

Lane production explores the dark side of storytime

“It’s a dark, dark, dark Irish comedy,” Tara  Wibrew, guest director and Lane alumni, said of The Pillowman. “Which I guess means it’s an...
BIjou Arts Cinema, the venue of last year’s 72 hour Horror Film Competition

Tiny horrors at the Hult

Hundreds of horror movie enthusiasts and amateur filmmakers found shelter from the stormy Halloween night in the Hult Center. They clustered together, many in...

Appropriation versus Appreciation

Halloween is my favorite time of year. It excites me more than Christmas, an epic birthday celebration and celebrating my Irishness on St. Patrick’s...

Too Close to Home

In April 1999, I was a 5th grader in a suburban town in Delaware. Without much explanation, my entire school was immediately released with...

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