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Stand-up for Netflix

If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, you’ll appreciate Netflix for its ever-expanding comedy specials. Recently, you may have noticed an increase in Netflix’s...

The end to net neutrality draws near

The above illustration is an interpretive rendering of the Federal Communication Commision's vote to alter the net neutrality bill. Statements and opinions expressed...

Titan takes lead in ‘Border Brothers’

Brian Ross as main character (Brian) questions costars Orlando Gomez and Luis Fernandez-Gil about the whereabouts of his marijuana. The three characters are...

Fiber art and street photography featured in Lane Art Gallery

Two new exhibits are open in the Lane Community College Art Gallery on Lane’s main campus this month. “Body Language” features the work of...

Black arts festival unites campus Not even the sun could outshine the 2nd Annual Black Arts Festival on Wednesday, May 18, outside of the Center Building. Crowds gathered from...

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