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Tianhang Cui, instructor Colleen Shields, Albdullah AlAmer, Khalid Alharbi and
Tianyi Liu (left to right) work on their presentation in the international student
class on Wednesday, Jan. 15.Photo: LisaMarie Lusk

Changes in world economy drive international student recruitment; student population becomes more diversified

Daemion Lee Reporter The rise in global wealth means that more Oregon companies are doing business abroad and more international students can afford to come to Oregon to study. LCC…

Marly Gross (left) and Gypsy Prince (right) play the roles of Zody and Erica in Tim
O’Donnell’s play “Invincible Sword Locking Technique” as part of the Playwright’s
Showcase on Tuesday, Feb. 10.
Photo: Andre Casey

Theater careers off to a strong start at Lane

Penny Scott Editor-in-Chief The Student Productions Association’ “Playwright’s Showcase 2015,” opened at the Blue Door Theater, Building 6, on Thursday, Feb 12. The show will also be performed on Friday,…

Erin Carey (left) and Susan Schullstrom (right) play the violin in the Lane Chamber Orchestra directed by Hisao Watanabe in the music room of Building 6
on Sunday, Feb. 6.Photo: August Frank

Chamber orchestra plays the classics

Jeri Reed Reporter The Lane Community College Chamber Orchestra, directed by Hisao Watanabe, performed pieces by Arthur Honegger and Ludwig Van Beethoven Sunday, Feb. 8 at the Center for Performing…

Environmental Politics 

instructor Stan Taylor, 

Global Ecology 

instructor Melissa 

Kilgore and Nature, 

Religion & Ecology 

instructor Clifford 

Trolin combine their 

classes in the Spring to 

form the Reconnecting 

with Nature learning 

community.Photo by: August Frank

Instructors present solutions to challenging planetary problems; cohort connects students and each other to the earth

Penny Scott Editor-In-Chief Respect for nature, for the feminine aspect and for life’s inter-connectedness are woven through the disciplines of politics, science and religion in a three class course offered…

Kat Witt displays her “suicide print” that was made on MECCA’s printing press. A suicide print is achieved by 

carving an image into a block of wood or linoleum, printing  it, carving it, printing it, and carving again and again until  the image is almost gone. Photo by: Nicole Rund

Student shares passion for art at MECCA

Nicole Rund Reporter Art major Kat Witt was raising two children after separating from her husband when she found out she needed surgery. In 2012, after trying to manage increasing…

Dan Welton discusses his work in the “A (sort of) retrospective: 45 years of photography” exhibit in the LCC Art Gallery on Thursday, Jan. 22.Photo by: Taylor Neigh

Photo exhibit brings together past and present

Daemion Lee Reporter Dan Welton recalls a time in 1974 when he was on the side of the road trying to take a picture of a flower. An elderly lady…

ceramic and
textile, by Leanne
McClurg Cambric
in the exhibit
located in the
LCC Art Gallery in
Building 11.
The artist will
hold a closing
reception on Feb.
12 at 3 p.m.

Owl-eating bear visits art gallery

Daemion Lee Reporter The exhibit in Building 11, called “Generous,” features a piece titled “Capacious” that shows a violent scene — an angry bear about to devour a group of…

Lane student Lee Martinez
has returned to college and
is working with Lane’s Small
Business Development center
with plans to open his own allorganic
hair and skin spa.Photo by: Brandon Taylor

Florida transplant seeks new path

Brandon Taylor Reporter Lee Martinez traveled the country practicing cosmetology before arriving in Oregon eight months ago. Martinez comes from a large hispanic family of hairstylists. He left Ft. Lauderdale,…

Production manager Rhodec Erickson works with director Taylor Freeman during rehearsal for the playwright’s showcase. Photo by: Brandon Taylor

Students rehearse for Playwright’s Showcase

Brandon Taylor Reporter “Each production is like a fingerprint,” Taylor Freeman, one of the directors in the Playwright Showcase, said. Freeman explained his simile by expressing how every play has…