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Student activity fee increase debated; new senator and treasurer join student government

Nicole Rund Reporter Senators presented a medley of discussion topics at the student government meeting on Wednesday, March 12. They voted 4-0-0 to approve Robert Kirkpatrick as a senator and…

Founder of Alternative Radio David Barsamian gives a speech titled “Media & Democracy” on Thursday, March 5.Photo: August Frank

Alternative voice speaks

August Frank Photo Editor The relationship between the media and democracy is critically important, but many of those who represent the media are overpaid gasbags and “presstitutes,” according to David…


Meningitis Advisory

  What is meningitis? Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, usually caused by bacteria or a virus. Type B bacteria are suspected to be the cause…

Student government quorum not met

Nicole Rund Reporter There were several empty seats at the student government meeting, Wednesday, March 3. President Malissa Ratthasing and Vice President Ashley Jackson were both absent as were the…

The Titan Store

held its grand 

opening on Feb. 

26 at its new 

location on the 

first floor of the 

Center Building. 

The new facility 

includes an all 

new Titan Cafe.Photo: August Frank

New Titan Store officially open

Nicole Rund Reporter “We’re very excited for the new store to be open,” Titan Store director of retail services Tony Sanjume said as he greeted customers and encouraged them to…

The true costs of wireless devices such as cell towers, cell phones and smart meters were brought into context at “Unplugged: Are Wireless Technologies Worth

the Convenience?” event on Thursday, Feb. 25.Photo : August Frank

Smart meters spark controversy

Daemion Lee Reporter Wireless technologies — which make logging in, posting and tweeting easier than ever — might have hidden costs, including health risks and the erosion of civil liberties….

Saga of fencing club’s funds request continues

Nicole Rund Reporter For the third student government meeting in a row, senators debated funding new gear for the fencing club. The original amount requested four weeks ago was $3,970….

Following a the visit from accreditors, Lanes Complaint system has been
overcalled and been made more student friendly. Ella Jones

Lane complaints system overhauled; administration makes procedure more student friendly

Ella Jones Managing Editor The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities conducted a seven year review of Lane Community College last year. As part of the process, a group of…

Samantha Westrope takes a moment to admire the art of instructor Satoko Motouji’s sabbatical Exhibition in the LCC main Art Gallery in Building 11 on Wednesday, Feb. 25.

Authenticity of Japanese art expressed

Brandon Taylor Reporter Lane art instructor Satoko Motouji is displaying a personal piece in her art exhibit “Process, Continued” in Lane’s main art gallery. The piece consists of dried white…

Fencing club wants new gear; senators debate money issues

Nicole Rund Reporter Once again, money was on the student government’s agenda at the senate meeting, Wed. Feb. 18. The Fencing Club representative requested $3,790 for new equipment and a…