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Ratification sparks discussion

Nicole Rund Reporter It was tense at the student government meeting on April 22. Over an hour was devoted to questioning senatorial candidate Charles Stewart. The 38-year-old Lane student expressed…

Jon Sims (left) plays the role of Joe Porter
while Nick Cervantes (middle) and David Arnold
(right) play the roles of Louis Ironson and Prior
Walter in the Ragozzino Performance Hall on
Tuesday, April 21.Photo: August Frank

Angels descend on La ne

Penny Scott Editor-In-Chief “It’s acting. It’s not real. Honestly, if your moral fiber is threatened so much by touching the lips of someone of the same gender, you need to…

Default danger over; Rates now under 30 percent, but wiser borrowing still needed

Daemion Lee Reporter In 2010, over 30 percent of former Lane Community College students defaulted on their student loans. In 2011, it happened again. One more time and the federal…

Fast-track to degrees; fewer math courses may be needed

Victoria Stephens Reporter Math requirements at Lane are changing. For many students, heavy algebra isn’t necessary and requiring it may be a hindrance to some students in getting their degrees,…

Left to right: Connan Lee shakes hands and talks with Valerie Gordon and Naomi Noel about their
company, FCR, at the LCC Job Fair in the Center for Meeting and Learning on Thursday, April 16.Photo: August Frank

Job Fair brings students and employers together

August Frank Photo Editor It wasn’t all pens, frisbees, candy and cupcakes at Lane’s job fair on Thursday, April 16. Representatives from forty five companies gathered in The Center for…

Author and medical journalist Katie Singer prepares for her speech on the dangers of electronic
devices on Thursday, April 9.Photo: Justin Cox

People and wildlife in danger; speaker warns about electrical devices

Penny Scott Editor-in-Chief “In the mid 1990s, the FCC determined that cell phones are safe for human use,” author and medical journalist Katie Singer said. She went on to explain…

A tornado touched down near by the Child and Family Center at LCC on Tuesday, April 14. One car was lifted up and
flipped on its roof. Photo: Andre Casey

Tornado hits Lane; Damage to cars dominates crisis

Andre Casey Design Editor A tornado swept through Lane Community College on Tuesday, April 14 near the Child and Family Center. Eyewitness Josh Hollowell said the tornado hit at 4:10…

2nd year ET students Jeff Lizotte (right) and Michael Adam (left) work on a lab in their Programmable controllers 3 class on Thursday, Apr. 9.Photo: August Frank

Program cuts looming

Penny Scott Editor-In-Chief It was standing room only at the April 8 Board of Education meeting when the Lane administration proposed eliminating the Electronics program, Automotive Collision and Refinishing program…

Council of Clubs financial dealings questioned; Student seeks help from ASLCC

Penny Scott Editor-in-Chief Fencing Club treasurer Carl Knoch expressed his concern to the ASLCC senate at their March 18 meeting regarding Council of Clubs funds appropriations and expenditures. The COC…


Student activity fee increase debated; new senator and treasurer join student government

Nicole Rund Reporter Senators presented a medley of discussion topics at the student government meeting on Wednesday, March 12. They voted 4-0-0 to approve Robert Kirkpatrick as a senator and…