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College year ends in acrimony: More grist for the mill

Board of Ed June 10-2015_Screenshot
LCC board members address gallery at the June 10 Board of Education meeting held in the Center for Meeting and Learning on Lane’s main campus.

Commentary by Penny Scott

It was a less than happy ending to the school year at Lane Community College when the closing remarks of some board members were geared towards chastising their critics and those of President Mary Spilde.

The setting was the June 10 Board of Education meeting where the 2015-16 college budget was adopted. Closure of the Electronics Technology and Automotive Collision and Refinishing programs was included.

Speaking with the greatest intensity and length, was board member Gary LeClair. He complained about what he described as a constant parade of people who come before the board every month. “I’m reminded of the little kids that go up to my wife and go mom-mom-mom-mom-mom. They don’t stop until you finally say something to them,” he said.

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Faculty evaluations of college administration and board

The report below was submitted to The Torch by the Lane Community College Education Association. According to the LCCEA, the report contains responses by some LCC faculty members to a survey about the college president, vice presidents, administration and Board of Education. This information has not been verified by The Torch.


The first two pages of the report provide tables displaying the responses to the quantitative questions, the first page in the form of percentages, the second displaying the actual numbers of faculty members responses to each question/response option.

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Cuts hurt; Students and faculty from eliminated programs speak up

Second year Auto Collision and Refinishing student Tristina Nyberg applies body filler to the side door of a Subaru WRX.Photo: Justin Cox

Second year Auto Collision and Refinishing student Tristina Nyberg applies body filler to the side door of a Subaru WRX.
Photo: Justin Cox

“They at least owe the students an apology,” first year auto collision student Matthew Solomon said about the impending closure of his program. “Why let students enroll if they knew they may not be able to finish. Why didn’t they warn us?”

The Board of Education voted to cut the Electronics Technology and Auto Collision and Refinishing programs at their May 13 meeting. The cuts will impact students and faculty members.

Several students commented that the administration’s main argument for the cuts is their claim that local industry doesn’t have any jobs. According to full time Auto Collision instructor Dean Bergen, local business owners who attended the board meeting said otherwise. He added that there are other jobs, such as insurance adjusting, that are not directly related to the program, but which employ past students.

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