Ferris Bueller had it right

Hard work, low pay and miserable conditions.

College is supposedly he time of your life. Take a moment to appreciate it.

These days it’s sometimes tough to stop, breathe and appreciate what’s going on around you. We know, it’s tough for us too. But with midterms coming it’s incredibly important that we do appreciate these moments.

It has been hectic here in The Torch’s office since the term began. We know — things are rough for everyone right now.

Ever since the recession a few years back it seems like everyone is doing the jobs of at least two people. For some reason stores continue to have only one checkout lane open, despite having throngs of customers waving cash in the faces of overwhelmed clerks.

Bureaucracy remains backed-up as bean counters, stamp stampers, and data enterers now seem to have more papers than ever piled up in their in-bins.

Teachers feel the stress as enrollment continues to drop and Lane’s budget continues to crunch. Students struggle to graduate before they rack up so much debt that they can’t pay it off. Lane as an institution started shifting policies, such as requiring a new form for unsubsidized loans, in response to the fact that so many of its students were defaulting on their college loans that the school was in danger of being sanctioned by the government.

Everyone is working harder. Tempers are shorter, and work days are longer. We don’t eat right, we don’t exercise enough, and we don’t take care of ourselves like we should. Worst of all, some days it seems like we’re on autopilot.

It’s cool, you and us; we’ve both got stuff going on. Ourselves? We’ve got four issues out now, the first four this group of people put out together, that we’re very proud of.

We know you have stuff going on too. Maybe you like to spend time with loved ones. Maybe you write little stories to pass the time. Maybe you love to crusade against the man. Maybe you’re in a field of study that fascinates you. Maybe you’re studying to be the man. Maybe you’re a little like us; masochistic workaholics.

Take some time, and appreciate the good things. Appreciate your kid, who somehow went straight from toddler to goth … or is it emo? Appreciate your significant other who puts up with you when they probably shouldn’t. Appreciate the hard-won opportunities ahead of yourself.

It won’t solve everything, but it’ll help. We’re four weeks into the term, and those midterms are just around the corner.

Get caught up with what you need to, but take a day this weekend or next and really reflect. That could mean yoga, it could mean a night at the bar with friends, or it could even mean a trip to see relatives. Whatever it is, find something that appeals to what you’re doing why you’re doing it, then regroup.

You’ll be happier for it, your work will be better, and you’ll be far more likely to survive the rest of the term.