Snowstorm leaves SPA, NASA in the cold; Organizations have no plans to reschedule activities

December’s freak snowstorm added to the winter vacation of most Lane students. It gave many the opportunity to study more for delayed finals, drink cocoa and play in the winter wonderland. However, there were some devastating results for many of the events planned the week before finals.

The Shakespeare Showcase, a 23-year-old acting medley put on by Lane students in the Blue Door Theater, was cancelled for the first time in its history.

Director Judith “Sparky” Roberts, who teaches the Acting Shakespeare course, has invited her students to participate in the winter term showcase. The only problem is if the Shakespearean acting class doesn’t fill this term, there will not be a showcase to perform in.

Roberts is counting on the Student Productions Association’s April staging of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to give the community its Shakespeare fix.

Additionally, the Native American Students Association cancelled its annual powwow.

NASA faculty adviser Drew Viles said the powwow was cancelled for safety reasons. Some participants were travelling from as far as South Dakota for this event.

Some preparations for this event will be carried over to next year’s powwow.

“The biggest loss was the time and effort of many … faculty who had been working on projects such as making elder baskets, wrapping cedar and gathering up stuffed animals (for the children’s dance),” Viles responded via email. “Some of it won’t be wasted effort.”

Cancelling the event disappointed some, but also came at a financial cost.

“Because the event was cancelled so close to the time of scheduled happening, I am sure that there was a financial cost. For example, the powwow would have included a free salmon dinner,” Viles said. “Food was all bought and the salmon was thawed out. Everything was ready to go. And then the powwow was canceled.”

There aren’t any plans to reschedule these events.