Lane’s student government appointed Meg Geldart as its second senator this term to fill a vacancy during the Jan. 29 senate meeting.

Geldart is working towards an eventual master’s degree in public health and in hopes of changing the way sex education is taught in the U.S.

Associated Students of Lane Community College ASLCC president pro tempore Rebekah Ellis said Geldart is “a dedicated person with the drive to make change [who] will do very well within [the] organization.”

At the meeting, Geldart said she wanted to be a senator so she could take action rather than complain about issues facing students.

“I can help and I will help, even if I was a senator or a student,” Geldart said.

Senator Zack Wright was
appointed to fill a different vacancy earlier this term.

Wright said he wants to raise awareness about local hunger and homelessness.

“Sometimes people think it’s a choice. It’s not a choice, and we have to change that,” Wright said.

Wright has been involved with OSPIRG since last term.

He is now also volunteering at the food pantry on behalf of the Sustainable Food Committee, and is also the clip boarding in charge of the Vote OR Vote campaign.

“Student government is a leadership building program that allows students to
advocate for each new
generation’s needs, and the new upcoming senators will do just that,” ASLCC President Paul Zito said.