On Feb. 4 and Feb. 5, with balloons floating at the entrances and music playing loudly inside, Lane’s main campus cafeteria was packed with student organization, LCC Students for Liberty, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and others handed out flyers and interest cards to students at lunch.

According to John Price, Lane’s student government events coordinators and the fair’s organizer, 15 clubs and identity unions participated in the event, attracting interest from over 200 students.

“It was a very successful event,” Price said. “Many of the clubs and unions struggle with membership, so having these club fairs allows students on our campus to see what clubs we have here at LCC and how they can get involved.”

LCC Students for Liberty President Bryan Sanders received 35 interest cards, and five people signed up for their club meeting within the first hour of the event.

“This will bring a lot more people with interesting topics to our meetings,” Sanders said.

Across the hall, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance was introducing its new activities, including a movie night at Titan Court, a “naughty” bake sale for Valentine’s Day and a poster competition.

“(GSA’s goals) are to help and let people in our community know that they are not alone,” GSA member Rhys Fuller said. “We are not somebody who other people can look down on.”

International Students Club President Tadeus Christian Lieujaya decided to not join the club fair this term because of the fair’s inefficiency.

“I don’t have time because of class and few of us were interested,” Lieujaya said.

Last year, three new students signed up, but none of them actively participates in the club.

First-year international student Tung Nguyen said he was impressed by the fencing club.

“I would never have a chance to do fencing in my hometown,” Nguyen said. “It’s my first time to see the real sword. It’s huge!”

Nguyen said he did not want to linger around the club’s table.

“The hallway is such a small place to stop and check out, with the huge flow of people coming to lunch,” Nguyen said.

First-year Lane student Jack Carroll said he did not know any clubs or identity unions until this fair.

“I don’t have enough time to look what we have on our campus,” Carroll said, “but I know some of the clubs now.”