Nurturing student families; College organizations supply resources to student parents

Lane student Ashley Jackson greets her 3-year-old daughter, Rosalie Tean, after she spent the morning in the young 3’s classroom at the Early Childhood Development Center on Lane’s main campus.Photo: Eugene Johnson

Lane student Ashley Jackson greets her 3-year-old daughter, Rosalie Tean, after she spent the morning in the young 3’s classroom at the Early Childhood Development Center on Lane’s main campus.
Photo: Eugene Johnson

With approximately one-third of students being parents, or parents-to-be, Lane offers services, supplies and support to help them make it through their schooling.

“It’s reasonable to estimate that about 29 percent of Lane students enrolled in credit classes during Spring 2011 had children living with them. This percentage is a little below other Oregon community colleges and also below community colleges nationally,” Lane Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning Director Craig Taylor said.

Ashley Jackson has been taking her daughter, Rosalie Tean, to the Lane Child and Family Center since Fall 2013.

“It’s hard to imagine how such a big center can maintain such an intimate family atmosphere. The attention to detail by the staff and teachers is amazing,” Jackson said.

She said staff and teachers put students’ safety and learning first. She receives the C. Campus Grant, which pays 80 percent of childcare to parents who qualify for the Pell Grant and who are enrolled for 12 credits per term.

“The grant makes this all possible for me, and my GPA wouldn’t be what it is without the support of the center,” Jackson said. “The teachers harness the full education process, and there’s a seamless operation between staff members, teachers and all the classrooms. They consistently take the time give you whatever you need, and their advice is always insightful and tactful and is always spot-on,” Jackson said.

The center provides opportunities for children to explore, discover and experiment with a wide variety of materials in a safe and emotionally responsive environment.

Lane parents in need of help can find it at the following places:

Lane Child and Family Center

“We adopt the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child,” management coordinator Sue Norton said. The center has four classrooms for students 2.5 to 5 years old.

“Our prices for child care are mid-ranged. However, there are special scholarships and co-op opportunities where parents can work to offset the expense of childcare,” Norton said.

LCC Health Clinic

Provides a private area for breast-feeding and a place for mothers with morning sickness to rest.

“We do everything we can to give pregnant students and mothers the help they need. We diagnose for pregnancy and refer women to community resources. Often, students need a private place to pump milk. We have a private room they can use, and if that’s not available, we allow them to use one of our exam rooms,” Health Clinic manager Kathleen “Mona” Arbuckle said.

The Women’s Center

Offers coffee, tea, free local phone calls, computer access, library, a lounge, support, advisers, career services, computer-tech support, bulletin boards with community and campus events, and services for students who are parents or pregnant.

The Women in Transition program, which is part of the Women’s Center, assists single parents in becoming economically self-sufficient.

“(The) Women in Transition community offers help with registering for classes, getting an L number, help with Moodle, MyLane and much more,” said Tina Holbrook, Women’s Center work-study employee.


• Child Care Subsidy (talk to the Lane Family Center office)

• Child Care Access at Lane Grant (CAL/CCAMIS Grant)

• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Child and Family Center: co-op option (helping out at Lane daycare sometimes reduces school and childcare fees)

• Department of Human Services Child Care Subsidy

• PAS (Parents as Scholars) Program makes school affordable for parents with young children

• Oregon Student Block

• Grant Child Care Subsidy

C. Campus Federal Grant (Pell Grant eligible requiring 12 credits) pays 80 percent of child care

• Head Start of Lane County has multiple automatic qualifiers for parents

Lane Child and Family Center: Bldg. 23: 541-463-5517

LCC Health Clinic: Bldg.18 room 101: 541-463-5665

Women’s Center: Bldg. 1 room 202: 541-463-5353

Financial Aid: Bldg. 1: (541) 463-3030