ASLCC to take stance on tuition, vote on bylaws

The Associated Students of Lane Community College will wait until finals week to vote on changes to its bylaws, members decided at the March 12 meeting.

Before that vote takes place, the bylaws will also get a hearing at the Bylaws Committee’s March 13 meeting, President Pro Tempore Rebekah Ellis said. The meeting begins at 1 p.m.

ASLCC Treasurer Zach Wais encouraged everyone to contact the committee and give input on the bylaw changes.

“Don’t feel like you can’t (have) influence just because you can’t make the (meeting),” Wais said.

ASLCC Gender, Sexuality and Diversity adviser Max Jensen called on the student senate to take a zero-increase stance on tuition next year.

ASLCC President Paul Zito sits on the Budget and Finance Subcommittee, which recommends tuition changes to the Board of Education.

“It would be fantastic if we could get a vote from the Senate and take a stance on tuition increases,” Zito said, citing students who he believes can’t afford the increase.

The Senate will vote on an official stance March 19.

During the March 13 meeting, ASLCC re-examined the Oregon Students Public Interest Research Group resolution condemning the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. Federal Elections Committee. OSPIRG had submitted the resolution at the March 5 meeting, but ASLCC requested changes to the language. OSPIRG failed to make all the the requested changes.

“I feel it’s irresponsible (that the resolution) came to us unedited with the request (that ASLCC) make the edits,” Wais said.

The resolution was tabled, for the second time, until the March 19 meeting.

“I will not support this unless these changes are amended,” Senator Francisco “Kiko” Gomez said.

The Senate also approved a funds request of $580 for the Outdoor Adventure Club spring break event.