Chess Club revived with new potential; Members playing on paper boards, waiting for funding

As spring welcomes back the blossoms and warm breeze, Karlie Schwartzwald has brought the Chess Club back to Lane.

The Associated Students of Lane Community College Senate ratified the Chess Club on April 2. Schwartzwald is a second-year mathematics student. Hoping to introduce chess to more students around campus, Schwartzwald harnessed the passion for chess club in Winter 2014.

“I love chess,” Schwartzwald said, “and I want to have a chance to play with students on campus.”

The club currently has no chess sets. Schwartzwald has been cutting out paper to substitute with real chess sets. The Chess Club is waiting to receive $100 from the Student Government, the amount ratified clubs get each term.

Despite a lack of chessboards, 20 students have already signed up in the Chess Club, and approximately 10 students attended the first two meetings.

“We welcome everyone who is interested in chess to come to our meeting,” Schwartzwald said. She encourages people who want to learn how to play to also attend.

The old Chess Club disbanded years ago when its members left Lane or lost interest.

Mathematics instructor and Chess Club adviser Phil Moore said he is pleased to see Schwartzwald bring chess back to Lane.

“Looking for an adviser for the club was one of the biggest struggles in the process of getting ratified,” Schwartzwald said. Moore, a chess enthusiast, recently finally took the responsibility.

Playing chess is what led Moore to math, and now, through Chess Club, he can interact with students in a less formal way and catch up with former students.

As he talked about his passion for chess, Moore pulled out a hand-carved Japanese chess set that he got from his uncle.

“It was like a kickoff to get students excited about at our first meeting,” Moore said.

“I expect (Chess Club) to bring a lot of enthusiasm for playing chess on campus,” Council of Clubs chairwoman Brandi Hoskins said.

Besides encouraging critical thinking and bonding between chess lovers on campus, Schwartzwald also hopes to connect with other chess clubs in different colleges and universities in Oregon and start a tournament.

Chess Club meets every Wednesday in the cafeteria from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.