Local gaming company Oreganik hosted an event for students and local gaming enthusiasts at Lane’s downtown campus on April 4.

The event attracted 26 registered participants, more than twice as many as previous events held by the company at another location. Students were invited to pitch and discuss gaming ideas with the hope of selecting an idea to promote through crowdfunding.

“I’m trying to build a strong development community here in Eugene,” Oreganik owner Ted Brown said.

“We decided to get a bunch of students, amateurs and professionals into a room to try to come up with a number of amazing ideas and see  were students from Lane, stuwhich one really sticks.”

Jenette Kane, dean of the Downtown Campus and Titan Court, said the campus facilities offer just the kind of environment gaming and software companies need.

All the campus classrooms are wireless and “smart,” with features such as computers, speakers, projectors, documentimaging cameras and more.

Businesses in need of help with projects offer events where students can gain realworld experience.

“The business wins because the students are doing a project that helps them, and the students win because they get experience in something that’s happening with the software companies,” Kane said.

Attendees at the event were students from Lane, students from the University of Oregon and other Eugene gaming enthusiasts.

“I’m interested in games and game development and learning more about the industry and how it all works,” UO student Tegan Valo said.

“Jenette Kane is the person I want to thank the most for making this happen. She has opened her doors to us, and I can’t thank her enough,” Brown said.

The downtown campus is not only attracting interest from gaming and software companies, but also with Eugene businesses.

“We partner with over 100 businesses on classes and events,” Kane said. “This is a great location, and the building is gorgeous. It’s open and inviting, and we love being able to see out the windows.”