Presidential candidates begin campaigns, politicking; Senator becomes candidate after meeting blow-up

Francisco “Kiko” Gomez

Francisco “Kiko” Gomez

Student government senator Francisco “Kiko” Gomez began campaigning for the presidency April 14 after saying he would resign last week.

During the April 2 student  government senate meeting, Gomez threw a pen towards fellow senator Zack Wright during a debate over funding an event. Gomez offered his resignation during the April 9 senate meeting, but did not formally submit it.

Gomez said that after the April 9 meeting, he had discussions with other members of the student government and decided not to resign.

Associated Students of Lane Community College Treasurer Zach Wais said he spoke with Gomez after the meeting and encouraged him not to quit. Wais made similar statements during the April 9 senate meeting.

While Gomez acknowledged his actions may impact the elections, he said he does not believe they will impact his ability to be effective in the student government.

“I think that it is important that once a person comes back in and says, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. Let’s move forward.’ — that’s a person you should look at and say, ‘That man has integrity. That man has respect for himself. He doesn’t give up,’” Gomez said.