Sol Seed shines at Cozmic

On April 11 at Cozmic in Eugene, there was a full house for the CD release party from locally based reggae-fusion band Sol Seed. Their soulful, spiritually uplifting, deeply rhythmic grooves seamlessly blend classic reggae with elements of hip-hop, rap and rock. The band consists of drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitars, plus a guy playing keys, percussion and didgereedoo. That’s right, I said didgereedoo!

Oh, and by the way, they all sing. They easily move above deep, dub reggae grooves, crowd-rousing hip-hop word-spews and through Latin flavored floor-fillers. Lead vocals and raps pass back and forth from song to song. The lead guitar work of Kenny Lewis is the jewel in their crown. This lad is truly “on it.”

Lewis was a student at Lane, but the call of his musical muse proved to be louder than the cries of academia.

He channels the spirit of players like Jimi Hendrix, Ernie Isley and more. With him in the mix it’s easy for Sol Seed to comfortably reach rock energy levels.

Having spent most of the past year on the road up and down the West Coast successfully building their growing fan base, this band is tight.

Their new release, Family Tree, was recorded in Eugene at Telos Studios. This follows their first release, Grown Deep. Both are available now — check them out. And check them “live” first chance you get. If the audience vibe at Cozmic and the collective positivity of the band is anything to go by, this band deserves to reach out and touch the masses. They will be playing at the WOW Hall in Eugene on April 27. Do yourselves a favor and go.