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Gothic musical comes to Lane - The Torch
Gothic musical comes to Lane

Gothic musical comes to Lane

Courtesy of constanceandsinestra.com

Courtesy of constanceandsinestra.com

Constance and Sinestra are dealing with the death of their mum, their mad taxidermist dad and their delightfully homicidal neighbors. This gothic Tim Burton-esque Victorian musical thriller, directed by Michael P. Watkins, premieres in Eugene at Lane’s Blue Door Theatre from Nov. 13-23.

The award-winning musical, called “Constance and Sinestra and the Cabinet of Screams,” is known worldwide for being the “Hansel and Gretel” for hipsters. Its spooky, strange and surreal world captivates audiences with its heartbreaking story and exotic music.

The play, created by London-based artistic director and writer Alexandra Spencer-Jones and music composer Patrick Gleeson, was first showcased at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival in Scotland in the summer of 2011.

Anna Parks, second-year theatre major at Lane, said, “A year after enrolling at Lane I told the Student Production Association (SPA) about this play and by the spring of 2014 they researched, listened to its spectacular music and fell in love with it as well.”

Anna Parks won the role of Constance, and Sinestra will be played by Naomi Todd. Tilese Haight will play the role of the dead mother. Cash McAllister was chosen to play the father. Aaron Smart was selected for the part of Hereford and the character of Mr. Van Der Scab will be played by Reese Madden.

Jennifer Sellers will play Mrs. Van Der Scab and mean girl is yet to be cast. “I find acting on theatre to be both exhilarating and exciting. It is kind of a good, scary experience,” said McAllister.

Auditions were held on September 22 and October 1.

“The auditions were open to the public but we were mainly concentrating on the LCC students,” Dr. Brian Haimbach, musci, dance and theater arts department, Lane Community College said.

“There are only eight spots for the play and from them three were for men. Anybody who wanted to audition didn’t need to have past experiences of drama as long as they could sing and do a British accent.”