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Pay increases for chief-of-staff and president-pro-tempore - The Torch
Pay increases for chief-of-staff and president-pro-tempore

Pay increases for chief-of-staff and president-pro-tempore


Penny Scott

“It’s a way to make something happen outside our normal progress,” ASLCC President Michael Weed said. He was explaining why the Associated Students of Lane Community College meeting on Monday, Oct. 13 was called an “emergency” senate meeting.

Information and brief discussions regarding the role of public safety, matters regarding plagiarism, misuse of company time, respect for constituents, ethics, mission, vision and values took up the first part of the meeting.

Then it was down to the business of money. Discussions and voting on pay increases for ASLCC staff took up the rest of the meeting. Weed reminded them at the outset, nothing is set in stone, saying that numbers from the past were being used to set the stage for decision-making.

Weed reminded student government staff and gallery members that decisions regarding pay should have taken place two weeks prior. After several comments had been voiced, a vote was taken and passed. The vote added a talent grant of two credits per term, equaling $196, to the existing senator pay of $200 monthly.

The role of president pro-tempore was up for a pay raise as well from $200 to $250. The motion passed quickly. When the time came for deciding how much the chief-of-staff should receive, discussions went beyond the time allowed.

After a while, Chief-of-Staff Robert Schumacher volunteered to leave the room to give members space to talk openly. With the year’s first edition of “The Torch” in hand, he rose from his chair and headed for the door while making a comment about enjoying some good reading while out of the room.

After several time extensions to further the discussion, the chief-of-staff’s pay increase by $50 to $350 per month, was put to a vote and passed. The term stipend for the position is still six credits per term. Senators also approved a pay increase for the president-pro-tempore position by $50 to $250 per month.
The discussion on this one topic lasted well over an hour with tensions throughout the room getting high at times. The next ASLCC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 22.