You pay $35 for it, Council of Clubs plans funding

Ella Jones

Every student enrolled at Lane Community College is required to pay a student activity fee of $35 each term. How this money is used was driving discussion at the Council of Clubs meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

Last year approximately $20,000 was given to inactive clubs from COC funds. This year board members want to eliminate wasteful funding as much as possible. Each club is allocated $1 from every student that pays the student activity fee.

Only four out of eight clubs were represented at the meeting, which was one short of the quorum for voting on any changes. Attendees discussed how clubs should be established, how funding should be handled and reviewed the bylaws and voting policy. All the discussions went past their allotted time and will be continued at the next meeting with the intent to have enough club representatives in attendance to reach decisions and vote on changes.

There was a general consensus toward wanting a reliable way to verify the legitimacy of clubs with the school, so that only bona fide clubs have access to COC funds. Also, it was generally agreed that the bylaws should be very clear in regard to voting and funding.

“I’m probably the least difficult person to work with,” Carl Knock, representative from the Fencing Club, said. “You might not believe that, but I’m not difficult as long as things are going well.” The board laughed, as Carl had just spent lots of time making sure all of the details were attended to.

After spending most of their time editing small details in the COC rules, the board members began brainstorming what they wanted to accomplish for the Winter Welcome Week. At this point only one thing is for sure – hot chocolate is a must!

All the represented clubs reported smooth starts for the year. The Fencing Club will be holding a fundraiser in the next few months where members will sell “foils” (a foil is the traditional Italian sword used in fencing) which will be a mix of vegetables wrapped in foil and grilled.

“I really like these meetings compared to senate meetings. They’re scary,” Malisa Ratthasing, Vice President of ASLCC, said. The meeting ended on a light note with everyone instructed to read up on the by laws for next time. COC meets every other Tuesday from 4-6 outside the ASLCC office in building 1.